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Why Choose A Prefab Home?

Prefab Metrapanel Homes

The Metrapanel system of Prefab homes has been tested for 25 years and the quality and high standards are proven in New Zealand's rugged environment. There are a number of reasons why Prefab homes are a great option. They are well-insulated and super energy efficient saving 28% on cooling and 6% on heating cost. They are durable and impact resistant, They are fast to build meaning a shorter wait until move in day. This means less time spent waiting until completion - less money spent on rent, a second mortgage, or staying with the in laws.

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Design flexibility

The smooth easily achieved Level 5 finish of Metrapanel requires minimal special preparation other than normal sanding. You can paint or paper directly onto it, and place fittings or hang pictures virtually anywhere with Metrapanel because surfaces are solid from edge to edge. Metrapanel is compatible with all usual cladding systems, masonry, timber, brick or exterior panels.

Reduced build time

A Prefab home built with Metrapanel goes up quickly and efficiently. An average sized project usually takes just one day to position and secure. Once the floor slab is down, houses built with Metrapanel are completed 40-60% faster than traditional construction methods. Weather is never a problem for Licensed Metrapanel Installers as Metrapanel is pre-primed to ensure it stays weather resistant for up to 30 days. Therefore, no time is wasted waiting for things to dry.

Cost savings

Metrapanel Prefab Homes take less time to complete and therefore cost less - labour charges are lower, the stopping cost is minimal, finance costs are reduced, and your quote isn’t padded to allow for bad weather days.


The perfection of Metrapanel is almost impossible to dent. At 650kg/m3, the density of Metrapanel is significantly higher than that of solid timber. This means it can really take the bumps and bangs of everyday life, particularly in the social housing, retirement and education sectors. Therefore, the maintenance savings over time is significant.

Environmentally conscious

The Metrapanel construction system uses a moisture resistant construction panel made from engineered wood fibres and flakes – using waste product from existing manufacturing of timber means we don’t need to cut down any new trees to produce Metrapanel. Also, the speed of construction helps lessen the impact on the surroundings.


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